October 28, 2010 – Thursday Bible Study

Weather in Scripture Review
Pastor John Kirkwood

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Election day issues for Christians

Reviewing Weather in Scripture – Earthquakes – Zech 7:8-14 – Zech 14:1-4 [Eze 38 & 39] the Mount of Olives split in two – Earthquake at the Crucifixion

Reviewing Adam Raised an Abel – Gen 1:4 Abel and Cain twins? – both sons received same upbringing – Ex 19:24 – Ex 24:1,9-10 – Lev 10:1-9 strange fire ~ not from the brazen altar (God’s fire to approve sacrifices) – God is stringent with the types of Christ – [study people killed by God’s own hand] – Aaron was not allowed to mourn his sons (not rent his clothes) – Parents not to allow corruption in their children (Eli) – 1 Sam 2:29 – 1 Sam 8 Samuel’s corrupt sons –

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