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“A Place Where Your Child’s Faith Becomes Relevant In A Secular Society!”

Bible Boot Camp is the remedy to the post-modern, secular humanist malady.  With 7 out of 10 evangelical young people leaving the church and abandoning their faith after just one year of college, the status quo Sunday School had to go.

Join David Steiger as he leads our Jr. High and High School aged children through the challenges of the rhetoric stage of the trivium.  In BBC, the “Sunday School” answer is not enough.  You have to know “what” you believe and “why”you believe it and as time goes by, you’ll learn “how” to defend it!  And here’s a word from Bible Boot Camp coordinator, David Steiger:

“In Bible Boot Camp (“BBC”)we have a few #1 rules, one of them being, “Thinking is Hard Work”.  In this age of technical and secular modernity we have actually managed to replace critical thinking with random feeling, something on which no healthy Christian can possibly expect to live.  In BBC we turn the tables on modernity, we make thinking vital, and that from the lens of a biblical worldview.

Another #1 rule in our class is that, “Words Have Meaning”.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  We wish it were the case, but it’s not, at least not lately.  Words such as life, love, person, time, sin, and so on, have either never been understood by our children or, perhaps, a cursory view of them, at best.  We redirect words into their proper context via teaching the Greek Trivium:

Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric … only we do it from the Bible!

We’re an interactive class, we study God’s Word diligently and apply His Word practically, as it should be.  We talk about sin, and THE cure – our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  There can never be anything outdated or antiquated when it comes to the Bible, nothing could be more urgent, nothing more exciting, and so in BBC we make God’s Word come to life in ways children find meaningful, useful and memorable.

Any child from the 7th grade through final year of high school are welcome. We hope to see your child soon!”

If you don’t want your kids to be the “chum bucket” for the secular sharks in Mystery Babylon, then come out and join us.  If you don’t live in the Chicago area, then follow along online!

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  1. I’m 30 years old. When I was younger (A child) I seem to have been more in touch with my faith than I have been the last 10-15 years. Although I “Try” to stay in touch with Christ through prayer, many times I let go…

    I recently found out that coming soon my extremely loving, caring, and wonderful Mom will likely become ill. Whether she is able to physically overcome what what challenges lay ahead I don’t know yet, but I read a blog from this site about Christ’s “Healing.” I looked at this site and wanted to know more.

    Personally I don’t go to church consistently. So many times its “Singing” or lectures on how to be a good Husband. I Love knowledge and truly enjoy learning how to become a better person, but im more interested I studying and learning the scriptures than I am singing in church.

    Is this something you can help me with? Or Is this site directed for kids?


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