August 22, 2010 – Sunday Bible Study

…and many shall follow their pernicious ways
with Pastor John Kirkwood

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Session 1 – Prophecy – Eze 37 to 39 – Eze 34:1-8 – The Bible is exciting!

Session 2 – Eze 34:6 – Sheep are dumb – Rick Warren clips – How to get to Heaven – Isa 64:6 – Not: giving YOUR life to Jesus but Jesus giving HIS life to you – Most lacking is Christian discernment – 1 Cor 2:14 – Rom 1 – Natural man cannot receive spiritual things

Session 3 – Look and live – 1 Cor 2:14 – Rom 1 God consciousness – Grace appreciated by all – Assyrian Art For The Relorn: Pastors Initiative by Schuller & Graham – Wide is the way of destruction – Brit Hume on Tiger Woods – Glenn Beck on Grace – John 10:10 The Abundant Life

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