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About Us

gracefollowshiplogo“The Grace Believer” is a ministry of Grace-Gospel Fellowship.

Welcome to the Grace-Gospel Center, a color-blind church. We welcome all who come to us in peace.

You will readily note that we are different . . . sort of an “un-church” with an “un-pastor”. No offering plates, no choir loft, no baptistery. Not a stained glass window in the place. Our pastor does not counsel, raise funds, make house calls, take us roller-skating, or umpire behind home plate. He studies and teaches God’s Word. We study it too. As a matter of fact, that’s mostly what we do. The early church was a classroom for the study of

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Bible Boot Camp


“A Place Where Your Child’s Faith Becomes Relevant In A Secular Society!”

Bible Boot Camp is the remedy to the post-modern, secular humanist malady.  With 7 out of 10 evangelical young people leaving the church and abandoning their faith after just one year of college, the status quo Sunday School had to go.

Join David Steiger as he leads our Jr. High and High School aged children through the challenges of the rhetoric stage of the trivium.  In BBC, the “Sunday School” answer is not enough.  You have to know “what” you believe and “why”you believe it and as time goes by, you’ll learn “how” to defend it!  And here’s a

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